USPS Drama


There is something that I’ve learned over the years with Chinese Organizations and institutions.

There is nothing like last minute.

I finally heard back from Ms. Guan at the embassy on July 27th when I got an email asking for my address. I was excited as they wouldn’t ask for my address to send me nothing.

Chinese people don’t fuck around. Unlike US schools and such, no “we regret to inform you” letter goes out. When you get nothing, you literally get nothing.


So needless to say, I was excited. I didn’t know if I was getting what I asked for; 2 year language program at Anshan Normal University. I decided to email Ms. Guan to ask and she was able to email me back and confirm I did!

Talk about exciting! I was finally able to plan in earnest! I packed my bags and eagerly awaited for my papers from the embassy to get sent to my home as I would need them to get my visa to study in China.

Days go by and no papers. I was starting to feel like they were some lost tome that mankind had forgotten. And when yesterday I was told via text they still didn’t come, phone calls were had as I planned to leave for the PRC Visa office the next day (today).

After getting my packet’s tracking number I called my local post office asking if I could pick it up from there rather than wait for delivery and hullabaloo ensued when she said it was going to McAlisterville.

Mc-freaking-Alisterville???? Of course this caused a lot of stress so I called the McAlisterville post office and the kind lady there advised the “destination ZIP” was my own, but the address linked to the tracking number was some place in McAlisterville. She said this means it might’ve been fixed or something.. and all I could think was, IT BETTER BE!! USPS sucks for sure.. that stress is not necessary.

Luckily around 6pm that night the tracking number showed it had arrived in Lancaster which is in my direction from its previous location, Harrisburg so it looked good.

The next morning it updated to show it had arrived at my local post office and I was able to pick up these fabled papers I waited 2 weeks for.  Thanks Obama..

I have died every day waiting for you…  The Cristina Perri song had a whole new meaning when I finally held my Embassy envelope in my hands. It was 9 AM or so but I had to fill out the application form still since I was mistaken when I thought the JW201 form I was getting in the mail was the same thing, but either way I’d be able to hit the visa office today!

That story in the next update~

TLDR version? There’s a reason my dumpling is angry.


Laowai Shye


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