Finally I Got My Visa!


Today I have successfully obtained my Chinese X1 student visa! It was a struggle and a lot of stress to get to this point but finally I have it in hand. My trip there wasn’t too exciting.. I just got there around 12:40 in the afternoon but the cashier and pickup windows are closed until 1:30 for lunch so I was like… sheeeeeeet I’mma go get lunch then!

I took a number so I’d be a bit more ahead of the game because I was hoping to make a 5:10 orthodontist appointment (I ended up not being able to make it).

Just across the street is a Sweetgarden which BY THE FREAKIN’ WAY, is fabulous. It’s a bit expensive, but I liked the food regardless. It was a salad place and I was like.. Yesssss I should be a healthy bitch because lately I’ve not been eating as well nor working out as much.

So yeah, two thumbs up for the guacamole greens.

Anyway, the rest of the stay to pick up my passport and visa was uneventful, AS IT SHOULD BE! I had a nice, non religious conversation with a Chinese woman who sat next to me who was from Shandong Province which isn’t too far from my target province, Liaoning.

I forgot to scan my visa but I’ll to get it on here as well as all the forms and documents if possible.

Next chat I’ll be on my way to Canada!



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