“Oh.. Do you know anyone in AA?”


So yeah, today I went to the visa office but I didn’t go as early as I anticipated because I had to pick up my documents from the post office and fill out my application form (I almost forgot!). Additionally, I could’ve gotten there on time but I stopped for lunch and gas, not realizing that the visa office closed at 2:30 PM, not 6:00 PM like the embassy.

On the way though I saw an interesting sight though. While it’s coincidental that the the below moving company is Chinese, I was more perplexed by the “Heaven” and “Hell” arrows. Seems ominous! lolol.

image (1)

I took that photo, it’s not pilfered from google.

But yeah.. and not only was I late, I was only late by 10 min and the guard wouldn’t let me in.. GUUUUHHHHH…Oh well. While annoyed, it wasn’t a waste as I could still hang out with my high school besties and their child, 2-year old Elias, who is my favorite small child.

We played and he was typically adorable. I took the opportunity to get some nice photos!

Clarissa had stated that usually the other children swarm her to talk to her but this time they didn’t.. probably because they were afraid of me. I was ok with this though.. while I’m ok with kids, I’m also ok with not being surrounded by them. I prefer kids I know usually.

There was one kid though that seemed painfully attention-starved and such and he would come over to chat or show off monkey bar skills or something. Clarissa mentioned to him I was also from Pennsylvania and he subsequently asked, “Oh you’re from Pennsylvania? Do you know anyone in AA there?” He went on to say his Grandmom was in AA.


But also hilarious.. and kind of sad. But yeah. I spent the evening there with my friends and returned back home the next morning so I could pack up my room and such and aimed to return Monday morning. Hopefully there isn’t any freak of nature there waiting for me.

I probably spoke too soon!


Laowai Shye


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