Le Cheatin’ Feet!


I know this is late.. lol sorry I was very busy. But Wednesday I went rock climbing with Crystina and Hana. It was super fun! Not only did we climb but we actually learned how to tie the rope and belay for others which was pretty cool. I like feeling like I know what I’m doing so I don’t screw anything up.

I think we did pretty well! NO ONE DIED! Hooray! Of course the goal was to follow the same color the entire time so that you were actually climbing the correct “course” and difficulty. Hana gave no fucks about colors though. I caught her “cheating feet” on camera. The SHAME.

Le Cheatin’ Feet

Check us out. We were spider monkeys! I’m the smurf colored climber.


Stolen from Cystina’s Facebook. NEENER NEENER.

It should be noted that there was an alphabet climb was there where the higher you went, the letters were closest to A. Crystina did well by her family’s honor and got to the A.

Hana only got the D. The SHAME.

Needless to say, my arms, back, and butt were sore the next day, but I would love to do this more regularly. I’m thinking return trips are necessarily when I venture back west.

I know, I should have more photos. I’m not usually one for photos in general so I guess for the sake of this blog I need to get in the habit of taking more.

So yeah.. the whole week was food and friends which was nice. Even found a Bavarian restaurant with a terrible waitress but banging schnitzel. Erin be jelly.. it was better than the Brauhaus schnitzel!

Anywho, tomorrow is the big day of departure. Be forewarned I plan to wear no make-up and by the end of it I will look ghastly.

Itinerary will be a flight from Toronto to Beijing that will take about 17 hours.. then we will land about 4PM local time, and get to the train station for a 10:45 PM train to Anshan. Lots of time, so no rush.. apparently one can keep bags at train station holding place so that we can go eat or wander a bit.. Not sure. The train ride will be about 8 hours and we will arrive around 7:20 AM local time. From there I don’t think I can even sleep but I’ll definitely ask! I have to check in with local police first.. ugh.. I would prefer to shower and sleep first.. at least shower!

Here be the flight info:



Laowai Shye


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