The Saga Begins


Today is the day. In approximately 1 hour, I will be on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Beijing. And we wait.


Yes I’m wearing the same outfit as rock climbing. That was by design for laundry reasons.

I’m super excited but that excitement is tempered by the travels that still lies ahead. What’s worse, I had to check the bag I had wanted to be my carry-on. I was able to take out my tablet at least but my laptop is still in there. Prayers for my poor laptop that it won’t be damaged, haha.

I’m also salty that I don’t have the window seat. My reservation has the window seat, and I chose it, but somehow we got the Aisle instead.. I guess that’s not all bad, easy to get up and easier to stretch.. I just enjoy taking photos out the window.


Not much going on here yet.

We’re not at our terminal yet. We’re sitting at a restaurant area that has outlets and stuff. I got a ciabatta sandwhich with brie, ham, and apple which was nice and I got one last ‘Murican beer.


The Last Beer

Yeah.. that tastes like Freedom and a bald eagle packing a Ar-15.

Will update if I get a good plane photo or something. And will probably add some in-flight photos as well. It will be a long flight.. 17 hours and my z-quil I got is on the intended carry-on that they made me check.. so I probably won’t sleep. Perhaps a few more beers will do the trick? Jk.. maybe. 

Also if anyone wants to get a hold of me, you can use Wechat to message me. It’s pretty much like Whatsapp but virtually all Chinese people use it so I have it for the many friends of mine from Veekoo or Canada. You also can  hit me up on Facebook, I have a VPN (Express VPN) so I will be able to have unfiltered internet access.. it wasn’t cheap. If anyone


Laowai Shye


2 thoughts on “The Saga Begins

  1. C* says:

    Shiloh!!! I am having trouble with WeChat..Its saying that my account is compromised?? and I can’t log in. I will keep trying…but I’m following you on here =)


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