Beijing Furious


So. Where in the flying hell do I begin? I arrived around 4:00 PM Beijing time.. and I didn’t sleep a wink on the damn plane. Why you ask? Well.. my carry-on was too heavy/big so I had to check it and I forgot to take out my Z-Quil.

Disgusting. lol

Anyway that was a bad start to a rough trip. The flight though in all of that alertness wasn’t bad. I watch a lot of Big Bang Theo

ry ANDHOLYSHITSHELDONHADARINGWHENAMYBROKEUPWITHHIM. I’m going to catch up..somehow. Also watched Blackish which was pretty funny as it typically is, and like.. 5 movies.

My favorite was The Age of Adeline.. Recommended. Oma, you would love it. Watch it.


Even leaving the plane and customs wasn’t bad even if the line was long.. and I got all of my bags without a hitch.

We left the airport and took the shuttle bus (think Greyhound style) to the train station. This is where the shitstorm really started. We intended on taking the train at night straight to Anshan. While we’d be absolutely trifling, it was nice to get everyone over with. After first finding a baggage drop place so we wouldn’t have to carry my 3 large and 1 small suitcase around, we found the ticket sellers.

Of course all tickets for the night were sold out except STANDING tickets. It’s an 8 hour train ride I am not standing especially after doing all the traveling we were doing already. Ok we we ask about the 4 am train. That one only had 1 ticket left. WTF.

I was like. I can’t win lolol. I should’ve bought the tickets in advance but we weren’t sure if we’d want to do it all at once and wanted the option to stay the night open in case we were too tire, but now it was the only option. We got tickets for the following day (today) at 10:45 PM. I wish it were earlier but oh well.

This meant we needed a hotel. We went to the Beijing International Hotel which is a good bet for foreigners but they wanted to charge 1385 Yuan for one night when online it said 600 something. I was like. Nope.

Luckily they had wifi so we were able to get a room for 590 yuan at Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel. Which is fancy. What’s even better is that they couldn’t find our reservation, but we had the confirmation from so we ended up getting a FREE upgrade (for my hibu homies). Check out the swanky room. It had 2 bathrooms, a living room with a small office area and couches, and a door separating it from the bedroom.

That part worked out. I would’ve been pretty much cool then if it wasn’t for my laptop deciding to take a shit likely from being in the intended carry-on and getting banged around. George will try to fix it. At least I have my Surface!!!

First meal was McDonald’s because that and KFC and the like are the only things open at 11 when we went out for food. But they have a teriyaki chicken sandwich which is pretty good.


Anyway, since this is getting long, I’ll do a separate post for today’s adventures.


Laowai Shye


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