Soup and Smog


Smog is nasty stuff… and I don’t understand how people live with this for their whole lives. I can feel it in my throat and it’s something I can smell. I hope Anshan isn’t as bad, although I know some days it can get up there. I’m fairly sure it’s the pollution giving me a headache.

Today so far was a slow start. Check out was at noon so we could be slow. And that’s cool since once we check out, we have about 8 hours to kill. We have a few to-dos. Eat and look for a power adapter since it’s probably cheaper here than at home.


On an overhead walkway

We found a nice 小吃 (literally “small eat”) restaurant and got wonton soup with buns and a beef soup. Was tasty and a good test of my digestion. I passed so far. lol


At the restaurant and George grumpy I’m taking his photo.

I had a photo of the food.. but I lost it somehow. Sorry.

We might hit Tiananmen Square today and I’ll get you some photos to look at then.


Laowai Shye


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