The Overnight Train to Anshan


Thursday was a long day after Tiananmen and then being at the hotel lobby for AC and Wi-Fi to pass the time. Our train to Anshan wasn’t until 10:45 PM and we didn’t even have sleeper seats, only regular, hard train seats. This shittiness was mitigated by the fact we were able to sit next to each other which was a godsend because the seat were very tight and to be that close to a stranger would’ve been awkward.

It was hard to sleep too because they kept the bright ass fluorescent light on the whole time.. I’m like, y’all can’t even dim this a bit??

Anyway.. some people asked George where I was from.. a lady in line at the train station and two men on the train. It’s not common to see a foreigner on the Beijing-Anshan train. Sometimes this is a novelty, sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it makes me nervous. But that’s life as a new laowai.

Here be a few photos 🙂


George was not interested


You can see sleeper seats through the window.

Next post, Anshan Normal University, but many of you already read my Facebook culture shock lol.


Laowai Shye


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