Long Anshan Walk


Finally all caught up!

I took the time to get some photos and even a video of the canteen so you can see that. It’s much bigger than I thought it was and has a lot of variety for reasonable rates. I have a video panning the whole canteen, take a look:

George cooperated and gave a cute face.


Sleepy George is cute :3

So today we went to a different shopping center than the Tesco near the train station. This was to look for some odds and ends.. namely bleach (for bathroom cleaning), something sharp to remove some of the molded sealant, and whatever else.

On the way I took two photos showing older, more dilapidated homes that really show what I was seeing the first day.

Those pictures are pretty much what it looked like the whole way.. and we passed the occasional group of people who would either give me an odd eye or pay me no mind. I’m sure I was pretty random to them.

The grocery/department store was just like Tesco but some other store. I was able to find what I needed but also found weird Lay’s chip flavors. See me and George taste them in the next post if my internet allows me to upload them to Youtube.

The check-out lines were ridiculous though.. we waited a full 20 min – 30 min in the checkout line.. hearing the woman at the door say “Welcome” in Chinese over and fucking over. lol

I was wondering how suspicious my ring up would be. I was buying a fruit knife that’s easily concealable and bleach.. hrm..


Yes.. all the Pabst please, before it gets mainstream.. You probably never heard of it..

Oh.. I have a goodie for you. I found a Chinese hipster in another line.

Finally we ate KFC because George wanted it and I was curious what it was like. Pretty good, not terribly different from home although instead of fries or whatever as a side, you get MOAR CHICKEN. lol it’s absolute bedlam!

Anyway. I’ll try to get our chip video up and another short video showing the canteen ASAP. My interwebs is a bit on the slow side.


Laowai Shye


2 thoughts on “Long Anshan Walk

    • Of course I have. P-Mall is the SHIT.
      I like to go and get bubble cake and look at all the stuff.
      We were just there actually when I was there last.

      edit: after thought.. I didn’t know which place you meant. The Chinese hipster was at a grocery store and the canteen at the top is just food.. but NOT unlike P-mall’s food court area.


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