Tests and More Tests


Lately I’ve been a bit busier, but at the same time, bored. I’m a bit eager for class to start so that I have a set schedule of things to do.

2 days ago I had a placement test which was kind of hard.. I’m so rusty!! But after I met a girl from Cameroon named Karen and 2 Russians but I didn’t catch their names. They seemed nice!! I hope to find them again and get their wechat info.

I also met a Russian named Sasha Alexander… his English is poor and my Russian is poorer so conversation is very limited.. but it’s cool to meet them. I don’t know much about Russians other than that their cars drive them.

There are a lot of Korean students, too which makes sense given the proximity.. this is pretty interesting as I don’t know many Koreans so it’s just cool to be surrounded by people from many places I don’t normally interact with.

My favorite friend so far is from Costa Rica and her name is Monica.. as someone whose already been in China (Beijing) for a year, she’s got a lot of tips and tricks for some things that are very helpful.

So yeah. That wasn’t a bad day.

Yesterday was ok but I had to do my medical exam in the morning as per requirement for all foreigners who will be in China longer than 6 months. That wasn’t bad except ya know.. the normal awkwardness of having to do medical things… and of course they did take blood and I really don’t like needles.

The good news is, I was able to get a phone with a phone plan so that’s nice. George helped me with that and then we got to explore for a little bit. We went to Victory Square and all that jazz and hit up Burger King to finish off our fast food rounds.

See below.. we ordered the “BK dinner for two”. It sounded amusing to me. :b

Enjoy le photos.


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