Funky Chinese Lay’s Flavors – Taste Test 1


Today I was finally able to complete a video upload to Youtube. When George was here we did a vlog tasting some unique Lay’s flavors: Lemon Chicken, Cumin Lamb, and Roasted Squid.

Ignore my disheveled look.. it was really freakin’ hot and the power was out that day so no AC.

Also ignore the huge-ass bruise on my right arm. I still do not know where it came from. It was huge, painful, and dark. How I managed it, I don’t recall!!! Crazy, I know.



Laowai Shye


4 thoughts on “Funky Chinese Lay’s Flavors – Taste Test 1

  1. C* says:

    Nice! Loved the video…I was watching it and Elias came running in yelling, “Shiloh?!” I had to explain to him you weren’t here, you are in China. He then proceeded to ask me why you were in the computer. =P Take care, bestie!

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    • That kid. He’s freakin’ fantastic XD I miss you guys 😦

      I bought 3 more funky Lay’s I found today so there will be another chip video in the works. One is Yogurt flavor. WTF China.. go home you’re drunk.


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