The Bazaar and the Park


I know it’s been too long since I last wrote a post. I’ve been having some VPN issues as of late so it’s a bit hard sometimes to get on.

Today you will get 2 posts as an apology. This one will be back dated for last Saturday and then one for today.

I would expect that overall I won’t have too much to talk about other than specific topics as I’m not traveling constantly. I’m studying so my daily routine is mostly the same. BUT I’ll have a week off in October for the Chinese version of Independence Day so I might travel then. Any requests? I’m not sure where I want to go yet. lol

Anyway, so last Saturday 9/12, we had to wake up early. It was for this reason I had to politely decline the invitation to go out to a club the night before and why I did the same for Saturday night. The old woman that I am cannot be out so late and then wake up at 5:30 AM or be up so early and then stay out late the same day. I could’ve napped… buuuuut I didn’t really want to go just yet.

Eventually I might and you’ll hear about it!

But yeah. So Saturday we were up early to see the local bazaar. It’s basically a street where vendors sell vegetables, raw meat on tables, chickens, and random stuff like lighters. It was interesting, if a bit disconcerting as far as food safety is concerned.

Take a gander! I would’ve had more photos but I must have forgotten to charge my phone or I didn’t plug it all the way so it didn’t have much life.

On this walk I met 2 new people, both Polish women, Jagoda (pronounced Yagoda) and Gosia (pronounced Goss-ee-yah). They are both really awesome people and I’m glad to know them. Anna and Casper are both Polish as well and new friends I met a few days prior, but they were not on the walk. Friday night they randomly decided to go to Shenyang. Them crazy cats, haha.

Also Alyona was with us, who is from Kazakhstan.. I think. I probably double check. I’m really bad with remembering who is from Russia, and who just speaks Russian but is from Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan. I’ll follow up on that.

At the end of the street, we came to the park. It was quite nice actually and gave a more scenic side to Anshan that is rarely seen elsewhere. The thing is, in the park there were a lot of old people that seemed to stare a lot. Old men would be like.. “Hello!! 美女!” (Hello pretty lady). I don’t like that too much though.. perhaps it can be taken as a compliment but I don’t particularly see it as such.. It feels like a catcall. I’d rather be called 老外 (laowai) or  外国人 (waigruoren) both a term for foreigners because while they might be less.. flattering, they at least cannot be perverted at all.

But yeah, there were lots of people doing qigong and playing badminton and such in the park. Sorry I only have a few photos.

Also, I don’t have a separate post about it, but on the 8th I and Monica went for a walk. She is a degree student so she took me to her classroom. You can see how worn down it is, but at the same time, the students told her, they considered cleaning it up more, but they know it will get messed up again. It’s kinda a shame I think.. it seems many people don’t take care to preserve things. The stairwells are used to spray paint things so they look like graffiti artists hit it up but it’s not graffiti, the the extra paint spray.

But I guess better in the stairwells and halls than outside where everyone can see?  It seems a different approach.. skateboarders could use the patio without discretion which is usually banned stateside due to the damage grinding and such can cause to the stonework. But I guess it doesn’t matter much because it’s already worn.

Take a look. Those kids in formation were there upon exiting. They are high school or middle school kids visiting and they had them in formation doing military commands. This is one of the things I see that are very much indicative of the communist ruling party and I’m sure I’ll see more. As of now the school is preparing for an elaborate opening ceremony.

I’m like.. school is starting, it’s not the Olympics… how about put some of the time and money into fixing some of your infrastructure! The poor Chinese students are crammed 4 or 6 to a room with what can be described as military barracks style bedding. It’s one thing to already have a communal bath but like.. 2 to a room or something.. No privacy.


I’m so happy my privileged and comparatively rich ass can have a single room all to myself. Sharing with 1 person let alone 3 or 5 would drive me crazy.

Anyway. Today was pretty eventful and I’ll get that up before 11PM my time, 11AM EST.

Here’s a teaser: I was at a cat coffee bar. WTF. 


Laowai Shye


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