The Cat’s Pajamas


So. A fucking cat cafe. A CAT CAFE. 

I found it.

But how did we get there? Well… I saw the word coffee.

Basically it started with me and two Polish girls, Anna and Jagoda. After class we went to the gym that was downtown, which is convenient because now I know how to use the bus to get down there with some level of certainty. Anyone who knows me knows I’m useless with buses and subways in general. Actually subways I’m slightly better.

Anyway, we went and I got a 2 month membership because I don’t want to always work out in my room as it’s not as fun but I have that option if the weather is sucky.

It’s pretty cheap, too. 400元/2 months which is approximately 33 dollars per month. Not super cheap, but it’s kind of a massive luxury in a place like China. I like the ability to go though.. Jagoda goes daily so I’ll have a gym buddy but I can also offset the massive carbs and fat I’m eating.

Chinese food in our canteen isn’t as healthy as I would’ve hoped. But I can talk about that in a whole separate post.

Anyway. So I worked out with Jagoda and Anna. Jagoda apparently did some hardcore training before summer that she wanted to get back into but she’s already in a league above me and Anna. I about died, but it felt good. The only thing was the attention, like in most places in Anshan.. we attract attention.

While guys stealing glances and stuff is one thing, a line was crossed when a 20 year old or so guy was standing like.. 10 feet away LITERALLY GAWKING and smiling. I actually yelled at him, “要是你看我们一下,你可以给我们钱!” (If you are going to look at us, you can give us money) I know it was probably not the best thing I could say but he crossed the line in creep factor and I was like.. if he’s going treat us like a show, at least pay admission.


After a decent workout, Anna and I left together while Beastmode stayed to do some more.

We were hungry so we scouted out a restaurant Anna knew of but they were doing some maintenance and the power was out so it was limited today. I wanted to hit the store so we decided to do that. I wanted some better bathroom mat that doesn’t slide and some extra hand towels and makeup remover.

That was when I saw it. Like a glowing beacon of hope, the word “COFFEE” was emblazoned on a quaint looking building only 50 feet to our left. “I want coffee. I see coffee, therefore I want coffee”. With a laugh Anna agreed and we went inside. It had a small hall that went to stairs and it was super cute with pictures of cats all over.

At the top of the steps there was a squirrel in a cage. A FREAKING BLACK SQUIRREL. I kinda felt bad for him though and even remarked to the lady there in Chinese that he had no water. I took her word for it that he was ok, but it still kind of pissed me off. Pretty much Pet Owning 101: Animal must have full-time access to fresh water.


Anyway, I passed sliding glass doors to find a really super cute cafe with awesome decor and cats. Freaking cats. Of course I had to touch them so I did. The only thing though, was that as foreigners in a fairly hole-in-the-wall cafe, we attracted A LOT of attention (more than at the gym) and it was kind of annoying. These few guys were there with cameras and they could NOT stop taking photos of us.. Anna was nicer about it than I was so they focused more on her. Sometimes being an obnoxious American pays off lolol.

But yeah. We didn’t have time to dilly-dally as I had things to do and Anna had to practice some dance for the opening ceremony.

We took separate cabs home and I was able to stop at the store. I have lots of photos for you to look at.. cat lovers will envy me!

Yeah. I think I’ll be returning to the cafe eventually. It’s too interesting not to share with other students!

Enjoy the madness,

Laowai Shye



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