Slimy Yet Satisfying


Last weekend I was able to hit up a BBQ place with friends for the first time. It was pretty awesome.. George would’ve loved it. It had pretty much anything you could think of and beer was included… for only 50元!That’s like.. 7 or 8 dollars.

A steal. 

But the highlight for blogging is the fact that I ate bugs! Two kinds, pictured below.

Timon and Pumba would be proud.

Timon and Pumba would be proud.

The small one was likely deep fried and it was so crispy it practically fell apart into powder. It wasn’t a good thing though and the flavor wasn’t really of anything other than char. I didn’t like it much.

The big one on the other hand.. actually tasted like shrimp. If I gave it to you, and told you it was shrimp, you wouldn’t doubt it. This makes sense as shrimp are just big sea bugs. You’re welcome. 🙂

I might be dumb and perhaps they were actually shrimp cut up? I’m not even sure. 

Anyway, I rolled out of the place.

On the topic of restaurants I discovered a really good (and cheap) coffee place called Menson’s Coffee downtown.


冰咖啡 (Ice coffee) only 16元!


Menson’s Coffee has banging salads.. this one with smoked salmon. A refreshing variant from my normal fare.

China seems to be getting on the hipster coffee house scene. Kinda makes sense as coffee isn’t such an everyday staple as it is at home.

I am not complaining. More great coffee places for me!

I’ll get some photos of the inside next time I’m there.


Laowai Shye


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