First Stop, Beijing


So yes this is late. Sorry. My internet is terrible. In related news I might have finally found an apartment off campus that is close, clean, and reasonably priced. The only problem is there is no air conditioner.. and summer is HOT! But I might buy one.. a cheap one. Nothing fabulous is necessary.

To compromise the landlord is offering to give me a month free to go toward the AC should I choose to buy one. It’s 500 a month RMB in rent so it’s pretty reasonable and that’s how much she’s giving me toward the AC. So for 6 months I’d pay 2500 instead of 3000. Not bad but then I have to consider the AC can cost my anywhere from 800 (if I’m lucky) to 1400. Good think I have the tutoring gig! The plus side is the kitchen is nice (you will be surprised what is “nice” here) and there is a washing machine. This is a luxury thing in this area of Ashan. Luxury.

Anyway, if that pans out you’ll get a post with photos and such.

Now on to my Beijing trip. I was in Beijing from February 2 until the 4th. As I said I didn’t get to see the Great Wall but it might be a better trip in Spring anyway. There are some short 1-3 day holidays this semester so it might be the place to go.

Unfortunately the side-effect of not doing this more closely to when it actually happened is some of my feelings and thoughts get lost with the passing of time but that’s why I take photos. You know you like them more than my ramblings anyway.

First we went to the Temple of Heaven, as it was the furthest away. The Beijing subway system is great and we pretty much could exclusively use it to travel. Of course this means it’s a huge Charlie Foxtrot at times but hey, it was cheap. One ride could cost anywhere from 2 to 4 yuan and pop. For reference, for every US dollar I get 6.4 CNY.. it’s roughly 15 cents USD for every yuan.  SO yeah. CHEAP!

The Temple was gorgeous of course. Apparently it was originally built in the 1400’s, as a rectangle shape, someone later on decided this shit wasn’t going to cut it, and instead made it round as you can see. The new guy knew what’s up, curves are in!

(I just now realized that I must’ve deleted or lost my photos so I’ll grab some of Jagoda’s and put here for y’all… my god. Don’t worry the rest have.)

Our second stop in Beijing was of course the Forbidden City. While of course very interesting, there were a lot of people because it was a holiday time so of course the students are free and workplaces are often closed.


Our final destination was the Summer Palace which was basically a summer home for royalty. I liked it even more than the Forbidden city because it was much more embedded into nature, rather than being devoid of anything green. Also it was up on higher ground so the views made it all the while more worthy.


So yeah, that’s what I got for now. I’ll be trying to get photos from the rest of the trip from Jagoda as her camera was better so I’m bumming off her.

Stay subscribed and then you’ll get an e-mail when I post them so you don’t have to randomly check back.


Laowai Shye


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