I’m Not A Teacher


So this last month has been a whirlwind of busy. Shortly after my last post I was approached by a friend of mine who works for an English school about a short term job while he went home to Australia in April. I would make whatever money he would have made. He teaches a lot of classes and such so I wasn’t sure at first but when I thought about the money, I agreed. It was only two weeks, right?

What I hadn’t quite anticipated was the amount of time I would spend at the school the weeks prior in just watching and then the amount of time I would teach as practice before he left.

I won’t go into too much detail because frankly, it’s not terribly interesting but the kids are cute and some classes were quite fun. Here are two photos, one of my level 4 class (intermediate level) and my pronunciation class (beginners).



The money was fantastic so I can’t complain, but it did set me back in my studies as I was too busy to fully commit to them. It culminated in a round of midterms being all in the 80’s which I wasn’t too pleased about, but given the circumstances I cannot complain.

It was not an easy job though. If it was more eased into, perhaps it would’ve been easier, but I was getting 7 classes at once so I feel a bit disorganized no matter how hard I tried.

Overall though, I felt like I did a good job. Not great, but good enough given the circumstances.

It was a shame though that during such a busy time, a flock of 6 Australian girls came to teach at local schools. Being the only native English speaker on campus I was quick to offer my help if they needed it as I was told they didn’t know any Chinese. I was glad to meet them as they were great! I first met Sonja, and later met Timika, Sara, Terri, Eloise, and Beth. To keep these a reasonable length I will continue with fun times with them in the next post!

Will be up tonight, too!


Laowai Shye




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