I honestly thought I posted these months ago. Lo and behold, I only drafted it, but didn’t actually publish. WHOOPS!

Thanks to Oma for having me come on because I just noticed.

These are from the National Week (国庆节) back in October when I went to Dalian with the Polish and Gustav.

I was jumping with Kacper with this because the two girls, Gosia and Jagoda are very much like sisters and wanted to jump together. The wait for pair jumping was much shorter than single so it was an attractive choice.. the line was LONG.

Kacper was pretty funny, he wanted (and succeeded) in yelling Kurwa on the way down, but only after yelling


I just laughed and yelled. It was a blast!!! Lest you think this is a momentary burst of insanity, here is proof I more than once was casual with my life.

This was my 18th birthday present that I asked for when I was like.. 14 or something. Mom promised for my 18th and I SURE AS BLOODY HELL did not let her forget it!

To give you more to look at, here are some random photos that aren’t worth an individual post.

Next time I travel I plan on uploading photos as I go.. because I’m struggling to get everything from winter up. It’s too much!! ARRGGHHH

Working on the Dandong trip from a month ago immediately after this! That’s the city on the border of North Korea, so it’s interesting.


Laowai Shye


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