Huangshan, Yellow Mountain


The next leg of our winter shenanigans took us to Huangshan, which means Yellow Mountain. This is a scenic area similar to Qianshan. Unfortunately it was a rainy, soggy, and humid day but that didn’t keep Chinese people from showing up in droves. It was a beautiful place but somewhat of a letdown because of the sheer crowds. I would’ve wanted to take the cable car ride to get some great views from high up but the lines were just astonishingly long and we only had that ONE day in the mountain.

After being there, I think you could easily spend 3 or maybe 4 days there and I don’t think any of the 3 of us could have predicted the sheer scale of the area as the only place we have to compare is Qianshan, which is a day or 2 kind of place.

We took the overnight train from Nanjing so we could sleep and not worry about booking any kind of accommodation with the plan to sleep the following night on the train to our next stop. Rough? Yes.. but necessary when you’re on a schedule and on a budget.

Upon arrival via train, we had to find a place to store our bags. We found a hotel nearby that agreed to store our bags for a fee and it wasn’t expensive so we did that (with a receipt as proof of course).

After eating and getting some coffee, we found the buses that went to the mountain itself which was a 45 min ride. Take a look at the photos, despite ugly weather it was still an experience (and workout).

Yeah.. so after that the train ride was smooth sailing because we were tired enough to be OUT. Coma doesn’t describe it! The next two cities were Suzhou and Hangzhou. Will probably type that up for tomorrow!


Laowai Shye


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