Nanjing, The Southern Capital


So after Tianjin, we took one of our longer train rides to get south to Nanjing. It was particularly promising because we were getting away from the previous hostel’s gross bathroom and that’s always a plus, but also the girls had a friend (also Polish) there teaching English so we would have someone to show us some good places.

First arrival at our hostel, Bunkie Hostel, was immediately an improvement on the previous. Also in a high rise, it was hard to find, but when we did I was pleased with lack of odor. They had a cute little dog who was friendly and became my BEST BUDDY during our stay and I damn there stole her to take home!

Our first trip in Nanjing was to see the Nanjing city wall. Mind you, not the Great Wall just a city wall but it was still pretty interesting. Not so much to say about it as the photos will tell you the story. The walk up was crowded because it was a nice day the holiday season and the crazy grasshopper hats were everywhere. Nice walk though overall, except for when I got a whiff of stinky tofu, then I damn there vomited.

We also hit some park.. it’s massive so we took our time working our way though but we didn’t have the time nor energy to do the whole thing.  In the park there was a Buddhist temple which was cool and I was able to buy a small keychain for 5 yuan which was really pretty. It’s just one of those small knot crafts that  many people in China do. I like them but don’t have the patience to make one myself. #lazyAmerican

I have no shame.

The one night, I can’t remember which, we finally met Mike, the Polish dude. He is fantastic! Hilarious guy and super nice. He and his fellow English teacher, and Italian whose name now escapes me, took us too a bar to chat and have some beer. The bar was quite nice but far too crowded but we found a place in the back and then it was ok.

We hit a night club after but that was my least favorite because they have far, far too many people in there and not only is it kind of dangerous if there was a fire but you just couldn’t move so it was a bit pointless. Cool club though and I give him kudos for trying. Such is the life, traveling during winter holiday in China.

He joined us other times to hang out when he could. We tried to go to the memorial for the victims of the Japanese invasion but the line was so long it wasn’t worth going inside. We did see an old tower on top of a small mountain and that was pretty neat. Also, at night we went to a night market that was an ancient culture street. Ancient culture streets are streets built (or maintained if they’re legit very old) and used to mimic the feel of old China. They will have shops and restaurants like anywhere else but the ambiance is much cooler. You’ll see when I get some photos from Tianjin’s Ancient culture street.

Our next stop was going to be a tiring one, so the night before our departure we got some good Japanese ramen which was amazingly delicious.

Stay tuned for our soggy Huangshan trip!


Laowai Shye



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