Summer Shenanigans!


So tomorrow it starts again!

I will start my summer travels and boy it’s a bit nuts. The nice thing about summer is that despite the heat, at least clothing is less bulky so I have a lot more room in my bag and I don’t have to carry so much weight or coats and stuff. That’s nice.

Of course I WILL be going to tropical locations in summer. I don’t know if I’ll regret it but I guess I’ll find out!

Tomorrow I depart for Tianjin. Why go again you might ask? Because my good friend, Eddy Zhang will be there to see his family. I worked with him back at Han Dynasty and he was always my favorite Chef there. He’s a lot of fun and I’m excited to meet the family he was always mentioning.

From there I will go to Beijing to the Great Wall and to see my friend Monica who just moved back there.

Next will be Chengdu and Chongqing, two Sichuan cities. Panda will be seen and spicy food will be eaten. I’ve been wanting to go to Sichuan for years so I’m stoked!

Then from Chongqing I will be going to Thailand which will probably be my favorite part because my husband will be joining me! So not only am I not alone, but I can see the person I’m missing the most while I’m here. It’s great! I’m planning things to do like kayaking, tours (bike and food) and things for us to go see. I think I even have a Thai cooking class booked! SO EXCITE! MUCH FOOD. WOW.

We will be seeing Bangkok and Ko Samui which is the largest Thai island to the south. I wish we had more time and then we could’ve gone to Chiang Mai but I guess that’s an excuse to return someday. We are spending a lot of time in Ko Samui because I wanted it to be a more relaxing trip and because George doesn’t really care to run around too much away. Bangkok has some cultural places but it’s more  shopping city with Chiang Mai being the one with more temples and cultural sites. Oh well. Bangkok still has some really great places to see! Ko Samui is just like a tropical paradise and I’m down for R&R before my final leg…

…The Philippines! I’m going because I have to fly out of Bangkok anyway so why go straight back to China? Anywhere in China can be visited via train from here so if I have to fly anyway, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go someplace I want to go, that I would have to fly regardless. I settled on the Philippines because they speak a lot of English (hence my job going there twice) and because I have heard from coworkers that it was a blast. I planned it to see as much as possible so it’s definitely a tiring 2 weeks. Traveling there is a bit nuts because it’s all islands, getting places can be time consuming so a lot of planning went into it to keep my travel efficient.

I can say I succeeded, but we will know the true answer when I’m back!

Since my trip is comparatively slower in pace, expect posts as I go instead of waiting until I’m back to do them all. This way will be better and I won’t be trying to play catch-up again. I think I might only have to do that with the last few because the Philippines part of my trip will be the fastest pace. Oh and while I’m there, I will be seeing my friend Ardie! He is the artist who designed and created my Mr. Angry Dumpling that I use for this blog! He’s a fantastic artist and super nice for agreeing to spend a weekend with me showing me Filipino culture, food, and life!


Let the adventure begin again


Laowai Shye


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