Wuhan and Hebi: The Final Stretch


So finally I get to the last leg of my trip, Wuhan and Hebi. I chose to go to Wuhan because my friend Gustav is from there and it wasn’t too far from Hangzhou. This meant that Hebi was halfway to Beijing on the same railway line. In Hebi I had a friend I met about 6 years ago on QQ when I first started to dabble in Chinese.

So in Wuhan, I stayed at the Bingo hostel which was pretty cool and clean but the location wasn’t the best. I had to walk quite far to get anywhere but for the price, it was doable.

The first night I was there, I went on an exploratory walk across the river to the other side which was much more built up. I saw lights and such so I said, “Why not go there?”. So I did. I ended up accidentally finding HubuXiang (户部巷) which is a famous food street in Wuhan. I went during the day as well so I could get better shots.

The second day I was there I found the Yellow Crane tower. I was probably more pleased with myself that I managed to find it but whatever. I’m not famous for my sense of direction so let me have that victory.

Not much to say that the photos can’t! Stunning and interesting. The next place I saw was GuQin Tai (古琴台) Which was interesting as there is a story behind it. I took a photo of the story for your benefit so you can read it yourself. Basically it’s a somewhat sad story of two close friends.

My last stop in Wuhan that I visited before my train was Baotong Temple which is a Buddhist temple. I basically just wandered around the place and bought a red ribbon to write my and George’s names on to hang on a tree. I even followed their instructions on how you’re supposed to bow so many times or what not. I forgot what they were now but ya know, “When in Rome..”.

There was a tower in the back and it allowed to me get some great shots. Hiking up was a chore on it’s own. As you can see, it’s quite steep but well worth it!


So that’s my Wuhan solo travels. Not as interesting only because I was alone, but apart from that I really liked the city. Hebi on the other hand is a very small city, that I would almost say it’s a large town.

My friend’s name is 王亚州 but a room mate I had years ago came up with the English name, Yonnie for him. This was supposed to be like Jonny but with the ‘Y’ sound that comes from the first character of his given name, 亚 which is pronounced “ya”.

This was 6 years ago now so it stuck! He knows that’s our name for him and he doesn’t mind at all. Besides, he calls me 陆冬恋, not Shiloh and that’s ok. Sometimes I’ll use his Chinese name, too it’s just the English name comes to mind faster sometimes.

Him and his friends picked me up from the train station and helped me carry my stuff to my hotel. They were SUPER nice and great and I appreciated the help. They walked me around the night market and such and chatted. I didn’t always understand them as their Mandarin is accented by the local dialect but hey, the important stuff was understood. We all went to a rural market just for fun the following day which was pretty interesting.

The most memorable part I have to say, is peeing in an outside rural toilet. Sounds bad, but I can honestly say I prefer it to Beijing public toilets because it’s open air so there isn’t really a smell. I can make that work. The thing is, no stalls, no privacy, just 3 spots with 2 cinder-blocks that you have to stand on to squat. If someone was in before you, you might see their ‘leftovers’ still there. You have to pay 1 yuan to enter so that money pays for people to go in and clear it out every few people so it doesn’t pile too high. Yep. Dream job.

I can be a trooper though so I didn’t let it phase me and I’m fairly certain I got kudos and some respect points from the lady who was using the blocks next to me. She asked for some paper… and I gladly shared. The struggle is real when you’re out of toilet paper.

Anyway it was an interesting day. The following morning I would get on the train and return to Beijing and soon after take another train to return to Anshan.. wearily and ready to rest, and tomorrow my traveling all starts again!


Laowai Shye






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