Oh My Shanghai!


Finally getting caught up! I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing.. Never liked it much, even if something I want to do. Strangely contradictory, I know.

Luckily for bloggin’ purposes, I didn’t travel really this winter break. I only went home and then stayed about 3 days in Shanghai, so there’s a bit to say, but I’m not too far behind.

While at home, I got to experience my first proper Chinese New Year with the in-laws since the holiday was a bit earlier this year which means I was around for it. I got to make dumplings with my 婆婆 (Mother-in-law) which is pretty traditional, but also I got to watch (I’m useless) her make all of the Chinese dishes you can see below. It tasted great and I rolled away from that table.

As you can guess by the title, that’s this one’s topic. But I won’t lie, it wasn’t that exciting except for the fact that that I got to meet some awesome people, KaiKai and Jinwen, who are friends of my husband’s. They were super generous as they not only picked me up from the airport, but also took me to a very spicy hotpot restaurant, which I loved.

I didn’t do too much in Shanghai because originally, some Polish girls were supposed to meet me there. Stuff happened and it ended up that they couldn’t go so I was there alone. Since I’ve been in Shanghai before, I wasn’t about to desperately see everything. It’s not necessary. As my hubs is originally from there, I will likely be back in my lifetime, so I took it easy.

The first day I went to the French Concession.. but to be honest, I’m not sure that I found it. Overall, the area wasn’t terribly interesting and so that’s why I doubt I had actually arrived there rather than kind of walking around nearby. I wander. Those who know me know my directional skills suck… so perhaps I was there, perhaps I was not.

That’s an authentic Shiloh experience, I guarantee it!

While there, I found a really cool shopping street,  much by accident. There I ate and bought a bunch of cool stuff like a handmade mint candle and charcoal mint face soap. This ended up being a really neat night market and made the day feel successful.


The both days I was lazy but the second day I was out a little earlier because I was less jet lagged. I decided I would go the Bund. I’ve been there before, but not at night with all the lights. The hostel was centrally located so I decided to just walk to the Bund. According to Baidu Maps (their version of Google Maps) it was a long but doable walk so I decided to just walk there and see what I find on the way.

Well, what I found was a park and a big mall with stores like Asics, MAC, and Victoria’s Secret and so I wandered that mall’s 7 floors. The mall wasn’t so wide, just very tall, typical for many big cities where land is at a premium.


Toward the end I had seen the inside of a Hershey’s that I had seen earlier from the outside. As someone who grew up within a 1 hour drive from Hershey, PA, I took a look and treated myself to a nice Hershey Mint chocolate drink.

After the mall I just kept at it toward the Bund, stopping at various small shops on the way. Finally for my knees and bladder, I made it and got to see the swarms of people and bright lights.


In current news:

I just took my placement exam today, which is stupid and useless because I can ultimately choose my level anyway. I will likely be in E班. Level E out of A- F. F班 probably won’t have enough people to even exist this semester. But I’m ok with that.. F has some literary and writing aspects that are just not useful compared to the more speaking focus of E.

I find out Friday, and start classes again for my final semester on Monday. I want to catch up before then.

I’m much better at doing regular posts if I’m not behind. I noticed this last semester was really sparse for posts, and that’s partly because I was behind already and feeling like I need to “catch up” is a bit overwhelming sometimes and so I avoid it altogether. Dumb? YEP! The upside to this is that while I’m running out of space on my blog for photos (there is a limit for a free blog on WordPress) I will probably be OK now since I didn’t upload many photos the last 6 months. So yeah, silver lining.

So as it’s long overdue, I wanted to finally get my Thailand post out there. Of course writing this a whole semester after the fact means that some of the finer details get lost, but photos are still nice, especially for those of you who work with my husband. I was told you were waiting for them!


Welp. Next few days is catch up time.

Thanks for not being too angry. 🙂 再见,

Laowai Shye


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