Thai Curry is Best Curry…

…Sorry Tim!


Tomorrow is the start of my final semester of classes.  As promised I am getting my Thailand photos up but I’m splitting Thailand up into two posts, this one for Bangkok and a second for Koh Samui.. I’ll do that one and the Philippines in the next few days. I wanted to get both Thai posts up today but Bangkok is taking me too long and I can’t stay up so late. Yeah, I’m breaking my promises a bit, but I’m trying!

Anyway, after my awesome time in Chengdu, I took a flight to Bangkok. I was super excited as I’ve never been to Thailand before. I travel light when I’m going so many places, and I live out of one 35L backpacking bag. I arrived and had already looked up in advance how to get to the hostel. I always ensure I know exactly what to do if I’m in a place where I don’t speak the language.

I was able to take a subway ride from the airport to a stop not far from the hostel. Of course I had gotten a cell phone SIM card at the airport so I had access to google and could easily map my way there.

We chose to stay at the Siamaze Hostel  by recommendation of Monica because she had gone to Thailand the previous winter. I basically copied her trip. Made my planning much easier. The hostel was BEAUTIFUL, clean, and the customer service was on point! I stayed in a dorm style room the first night as George was meeting me in Bangkok the following morning, then we’d switch to a standard queen room. This way the first night was a bit cheaper.


Hotel lobby panorama

The first day George was there we just walked around because he was tired from the international flight and jet-lagged. We had a food tour scheduled the next day so that day was free to chill. We found a Vietnamese restaurant which was great so I got my Viet-French press coffee and some noodles with stuff on it. The stuff was like some pork and veggies wrapped in betel leaf. It was awesome!

The following morning we did the food tour which was perfect. It was a walking tour so I felt less guilty about being the fat-ass glutton I was born to be. The tour company was Taste of Thailand food tours and the price was pretty good. We finished so freakin’ full that I barely could try the last few dishes! I don’t have photos of each and every dish but an overview. My god, I would do it again and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a really good overview of Thai cuisine. We got to try curry of course, local street snacks, drinks, Muslim food, and desserts.

This was the only planned thing for Bangkok this time around. We had a bike tour toward the end of the trip but the first 3 days was mostly exploring the city, shopping and of course eating! We did try to find some notable sights but it was kind of hard to get to them by foot and public transport. The best way I think is by bike tour, which ended up being how we saw some of the cultural sights. (more below)

Our time in Bangkok was split up, we did 2 or 3 days before our 10-days in Koh Samui, and 2 or 3 days after. This was because the trek to the island was a full day thing, 12 hours by bus and high speed catamaran. With the flight George would have to endure, it was nice having less of it being terribly close together. Since this part is all Bangkok, I will skip ahead to our second time in Bangkok.

The last few days in Thailand we tried to see some sights again but ran into the same trouble doing it on our own. Luckily the bike tour covered them but the problem was I chose a night bike tour, the Siam Ratree tour via Follow Me Bike Tours, as I felt the nighttime would be cooler and more comfortable in a Thai summer. While most certainly true, it meant that we couldn’t go inside of the fancy gates because places would be closed. The one exception was the Wat Phra Kaew, I think. It was open because of some special event and we were able to go in. Our tour guide even showed us how to prepare a lotus flower for a Buddhist prayer and the proper method for the prayer. It was a cool little culture note to round out the night.

The bike tour as a whole was so freakin’ awesome. The tour took us through small little alleyways and on a boat ferry to cross the river. This tour, while not a ‘food tour’ included MORE than enough food along the way. All local stuff, of course.

Of course I have many more photos but unfortunately WordPress limits me.. I’m at 80% capacity for a free site without even touching the Philippines.. Koh Samui photos are uploaded just no on a page yet.

But anyway.. I freakin’ love Thailand and most likely will return sometime in the future. I haven’t even been to Chiang Mai yet! So yeah, tomorrow I’ll work on Koh Samui, the island portion of our Thailand excursions. I liked that part best.. I never knew such a paradise as Koh Samui. Don’t worry, you’ll see!

Hey, TechData, go make fun of my husband’s kindergarten kid smile… me and my sister were dying laughing at it.. because while I only have one here (so he’s not too salty) he does that in multiple photos so it’s even funnier! He makes the best faces in photos. I love it.

Love you baby. Don’t be mad. :b


Laowai Shye



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