Koh Samui, Paradise on Earth


I think I won’t make any deadlines anymore because I never keep them! As of late, my internet has been so slow that each time I try to get on WordPress, it loads too slowly that I lose my patience. WordPress, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc is blocked so to access it, I must use my VPN. Sometimes though it’s just so dang slow!

Today it’s not bad though so I will give you some more photos. Currently I’ve nothing out of the ordinary going on, but we might have a future Dalian trip with the school cancelled because of the China – S. Korea relations recently souring further.. the school worries it won’t be safe for the Korean students. In typical China fashion, they are on the TV and shit saying “If you’re real Chinese you don’t use Korean products” and a Russian student said he saw a T-Shirt for sale that shows a Chinese flag fist crushing a US and S. Korean flag.

Typical, unsurprising Chinese posturing. But whatever, soon I will go home anyway so yeah. In general I like Chinese people and history, but this kind of hyper-nationalistic BS annoys me in any country. Unfortunately, people here are, on average, more ignorant of things that don’t fit the party line so not much can be done.

Anyway, I’ll try to get some photos if I see anything like this.

Now to Koh Samui. To get there from Bangkok it’s actually quite easy, just long. Of course if money is no object you can fly there and that’s the fastest, easiest method. I’m a cheap-ass so of course we did the bus/catamaran method which is a slow 12 hour trip total, but only a sixth of the price or something like that. So it was well worth it.

Upon arrival it was a hair hectic but I mean, I’m so jaded with Asian travel so I guess I’m used it it. We were able to get a van taxi transfer and get to our hotel no problem. I think I forgot to take more photos of the hotel itself but it was super nice. The cheaper rooms are a bit worn but they were clean and cheap so I don’t really care about anything else. We stayed at the Kinnaree Resort. You can see the cheaper rooms and the more recently renovated ones on their website linked above. The red ones are the newer ones and the green themed room are the cheaper ones. I saw both and while the wood floor (as opposed to tile) and red decor is warmer and more inviting, I am a cheap-ass as I said so I didn’t care since the green ones were still clean.

I only realize now that the below is the only photo of the room I took, but you can check out the photos on their website so whatever haha.


The presentation is so cute!

The room is like a little hut or house and they have little porches you can sit on. From our porch to the beach it was literally 10 steps, and it was great! More than a few days was just spent laying on the beach on a chair, reading the multitude of books on my Kindle. I loved it! Talk about relaxation. You could hear the breaking waves from our room as it was the second one from the beach end of the resort.

George was a salty Sally and didn’t want to sit on the beach because apparently putting on sun-block was too hard and he kept letting himself become Dr. Zoidberg.


So friggin’ relaxing holy crap.. look at those muscley shoulders.. so manly lmao.

So yeah, the island time was mostly relaxing and not thinking too hard. One day we even played in the sand like kids. We made a sand fortress/castle? thing. Of course I asked for shells and rocks to decorate as I wasn’t sure how else to make it “pretty”.

See the rock on the top? I’ll let you guess who decided on that part. =.=
He was far too amused by that, but then again so was I. We are a lovely pair.

The whole 10-day trip in Koh Samui wasn’t only R&R but also food.. and more food. We are fatties and both of us LOVE Thai food. We found great pad thai noodles from a small little shack in a parking lot. It was delicious AND cheap. See for yourself!

In addition to eating good food, we actually took cooking classes with Smiley Cook which was pretty freaking awesome. The day started with our chef taking us to the market to buy ingredients after choosing what dishes to make.

We chose Green Curry, Steamed Fish, Papaya Salad, and Cashew Chicken. We met a nice Spanish couple in our group and it was a lot of fun watching George cook for the first time. He was definitely awkward but I was proud of him for giving it an honest attempt without getting frustrated or anything.

Other than cooking, we actually took a kayaking trip with Bluestars Kayaking to a geological park near the Thai islands. I loved this trip but George wasn’t so keen on the boat to the geological park. We discovered he gets seasick. Woopsie.

This was the first time I ever got to kayak and I definitely have a new hobby. It’s a good workout, but still enjoyable. I think if I ever live near water, I might want to look into some kind of group or club for rowing.. I might like that, too!

But yeah so in effort to keep this not so long, here are some random photos before I go to sleep.

So yeah, I’ll work on the final Summer trip location, the Philippines when I have time and decent internet. Also I’ll try to pay attention to things going on here to share. I think I’ve become jaded and I take things for granted here now that I don’t think to blog about it, haha.


Laowai Shye


To Manila!


千山 – Qian Shan Mountain


Deepest apologies for the long silence. I haven’t had internet for about a week at least and then to boot I’ve been so sick.

A thousand sneaky Aladdin viruses with their flying carpets are zooming into a ‘whole new world’ that is my lungs and sinuses. I don’t recall being this sick in years… I believe the last time was when I was working at Wegman’s. I remember because my friend, Anthony came over with a chick flick and some soup or something.

Anthony, where are you now? Long time no see man!!

Anyway, speaking of Anthony, I met a Ukrainian guy named Bagrat (I just call him Bob.. lol) here that not only looks like Anthony a bit, but acts like him, too. It’s a bit funny. Wegman’s people, do you agree?


My Ukrainian friend Bob.

Anyway, so this day was the day we went to Qian Shan which basically translates to Thousand Peak Mountains or something like that. We didn’t do the actual mountain climbing but we walked the long way to the gate. It was a nice walk and I might want to do actual hiking come early Spring.

I mostly walked with Monica but chatted with some other homies as well.

Some more Polish girls have arrived and they were all the rage with the Chinese because they are tall and in some cases, blonde. I snuck one photo of their pain… The Chinese people would not leave us alone.. but I didn’t attract quite the same attention.


U.S. Army and the US flag was on their shirts… wuuuut??

There was a point where people from the school had to shoo away Chinese people like flies.. I don’t get the fascination. I get they’re not used to seeing foreigners but like.. it’s not like we’re not human.. wtf. We got a taste of what it’s like to be celebrity that day and I do not like it.

We got to see some shows and all but overall before the actual walk started it was kinda slow and boring. It felt more like a publicity stunt by the school to show off their menagerie of foreigners like some kind of trophy.

“We are monkeys” we will often say to each other with a wry grin. I’m often tempted to pull out a banana.

This quote goes back to the day in the park when I first met Gosia and Jagoda. I said something silly like, “I don’t understand why they gawk.. why not just say hello or ask to take a photo rather than try to be sneaky about it?” Gosia replied with something like “Because we are monkeys.. when you go to the zoo, do you talk to the monkeys? No! You look at them and take pictures”.

So yeah. We are fucking monkeys. Figuratively. Not literally.

Qian Shan was lovely though. I went crazy taking photos so enjoy.


Will work on getting you an update again about our 运动会 (sports meet). It was much more serious and much larger than I thought.


Laowai Shye